“Healthy Homes” in Guatemala

Reflections from our build and cultural activities in Panajachel, Guatemala: During our 9-day trip, our team helped to build “healthy home kits,” which included smokeless stoves, latrines, and water filters, alongside the recipient families and community.

Our trip was designed to immerse and educate: We worked alongside indigenous Mayan families and met women at weaving cooperatives where we became students of their craft and learned how they strengthen their livelihoods. We also deconstructed women’s issues in Guatemala in order to better understand Habitat’s community-driven approach. … More “Healthy Homes” in Guatemala

Greetings from Guatemala

Today was our first day on the build! Since we had two houses to work on, we were split up into two groups: five of us when to the house that was almost completed (Odilia’s house), while eight of us went to the new house to begin the work (Griselda’s house). … More Greetings from Guatemala