Guatemala: October 2019


Smokeless Stoves      |      October 12-20, 2019      |      Trip Cost: $1,991 USD      |      GV20846

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Registration: To confirm that you’ll join this team, please register online. Enter our team’s code: GV20846. After registering, Haley and Weston will contact you to tell you more about the build and go over some details.

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On the fence?

Read the blog article about the trip we led to Guatemala in 2018.

Get Involved

Join us for an uplifting and rewarding adventure to Guatemala! Learn about the culture while building houses and friendships on this 9-day journey of service and hope. As part of the “Women and Weaving” build, we’ll also learn about livelihoods in Guatemala from women entrepreneurs and homeowners.

Get your hands dirty on the work site, meet families and youth whose housing situations have been improved with Habitat’s help, experience the country like an insider, and do it all alongside a team of like-minded volunteers. No experience is required! This build is your next step with Habitat to make the world a better place.

Help support Habitat for Humanity’s vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Help build homes, community, and hope for families in need in Guatemala!

About this Project

  • Team Leaders: Haley Pope & Weston Wise
  • Location: Solola, Guatemala
  • Theme: Women & Weaving (open to all)
  • Construction: smokeless stoves, latrines, water filters
  • Trip dates: October 12 – 20, 2019
  • Team Size: 12 – 24 people
  • Event code: GV20846
  • Program donation: $1,991 per person (excludes flight costs)
  • Program donation due and recruitment ends: week of August 28, 2019

During our 9-day trip, the team will help build “healthy home kits” (including smokeless stoves and latrines) alongside the recipient family and community. Built into the work week will some cultural activities focused on weaving coops and organizations that provide women opportunities to support their families through weaving projects.

This trip is designed to immerse and educate. We’ll meet indigenous women at weaving cooperatives, become students of their craft and learn how they are strengthening their livelihoods. We’ll also deconstruct women’s issues in Guatemala in order to better understand Habitat’s community-driven approach.

About Guatemala

Guatemala, a Central American country south of Mexico, is home to volcanoes, rainforests, and ancient Mayan sites. With not even 2% of its landmass urbanized, it’s not surprising that Guatemala offers superb natural scenery.

In smaller towns, you can find picturesque historic buildings, while larger coffee-boom towns such as Cobán and Quetzaltenango maintain vestiges of their glory days in their cathedrals, town halls, and other public buildings. The capital, Guatemala City, features the National Palace of Culture and the National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology. Antigua, west of the capital, contains preserved Spanish colonial buildings. Lake Atitlán, formed in a massive volcanic crater, is surrounded by coffee fields and villages.

Living Maya culture can be witnessed in towns like Rabinal and sacred sites like Laguna Chicabal, but the most traditional villages are in the highlands, especially the Ixil Triangle. We’ll have the opportunity to experience some of the Maya cultures on the trip.

About Habitat for Humanity Guatemala

Today, Habitat Guatemala works to improve the quality of life of Guatemalan families through partial or full funding for the construction, improvement, and repair of homes across the country. According to the Central American Association for Housing, the housing deficit in Guatemala exceeds 1.6 million households, including dilapidated housing, rented and overcrowded. To this is also added the need for basic services such as potable water, sanitation, electricity, and families that still cook with open fires in rural areas.

With over 85,000 housing solutions to date, Habitat Guatemala has contributed to the reduction of 4.6 % of the country’s housing deficit, both qualitative and quantitative. Our commitment is to ensure all Guatemalans inhabit adequate housing.

Learn more at the Habitat for Humanity Guatemala website. Read the Guatemala Handbook.

Type of Work

Our team will work on installing smokeless stoves and latrines for multiple families within a the Solola community around Lake Atitlan. The stoves are built from adobe blocks with a pipe to carry out the harmful smoke. The multiple-burner metal stovetop allows women to dedicate more time to other tasks and to income generation. These improved stoves have other advantages too, including an easy-to-learn assembly process and faster cooking times that can reduce firewood use by up to 50%.

Habitat Guatemala’s smokeless stoves have a chamber in which firewood is placed, a stovetop with removable circular “burners” (holes in which pots are placed to cook), and a pipe that connects the chamber where the wood is burned through the roof to the outside of the home. Smoke moves from the chamber through the pipe, leaving the home without harming the family inside it. Costing only $100 USD, these stoves are largely subsidized; participating families pay only 100 quetzals (roughly $12).

In stove construction and latrine installation, volunteer activities include digging, making mud, pouring dirt and laying adobe block in the construction process. One stove and one latrine can be built in a single workday, so we will be able to build several stoves and latrines for several families!

Program Cost & Fundraising

The cost of this trip is USD $1,991. This covers all in-country transportation, food, accommodations, and cultural activities, as well as travel medical insurance for the dates of the Global Village trip. It does not include airfare and extra travel time and activities. The cost is tax-deductible. While half of the cost covers in-country expenses, the other half is a direct donation to Habitat for Humanity Guatemala to support their work. 

Fundraising is available and encouraged! In fact, once you join the trip, you’ll be set up with a Share.Habitat fundraising page to help you pay for the trip. Fundraising is as easy as telling your friends, family, and co-workers about why you build with Habitat for Humanity. They may even ask to join the team!

Meals, Accommodations & Activities

The team will stay in modest, comfortable hotels in double-occupancy rooms.  Lunch will be on the build site, while breakfast and dinner will be at the hotel or local restaurants.

After volunteering during the day, you will have free time in the evenings for excursions, relaxation, and reflection. During your days off, you will have various cultural experiences like visiting women’s weaving coops, local markets, museums, and historic sites.

Have Questions?

Your team leaders, Haley and Weston, will lead this team and would love to speak with you.  Email us: 


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